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Celebrating Blackwomen Storytellers

Here are eight Black Women authors that prove why storytelling is critical to social change.

Black History Month is a time to honor the achievements of the African diaspora in all spheres of life. At Girl Rising we are shining a spotlight on the achievements of Black storytellers and individuals who fought for educational equity. Great storytelling has played a pivotal role in building social justice. As Congressman John Lewis, a standard bearer of the civil rights movement and equity in the US, said, “The movement without storytelling, is like birds without wings.”

Join us in celebrating eight storytellers, including Maaza Mengiste, writer for the original “Girl Rising” film. Each are masters of transcribing the rich oral tradition of storytelling and weaving a rich and complex tapestry that becomes woven into our lives - never letting go, despite book bans or limits on curriculum. Their stories grow in power, beautiful, familiar, and ultimately a part of us.

Photo credit: Getty images/ Patrick Fraser, Miriam Berkley/Maaza Mengiste, Penguin Ramdom House/Toni Morrison, Vilcek Foundation/Peter Hurley, Amazon Books/Nandi Taylor and The Observer/Imani Khayyam

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