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Help us create a world where all girls can learn, rise, and thrive.

WINGS is a global community of generous and passionate monthly donors determined to build a more equitable world. We are united by a common goal of ensuring that all girls have access to quality education.

Girls’ education is one of the world’s very best investments, changing lives and transforming families, communities, and nations. Join WINGS. Together, we can deliver on the promise of girls' education. 

Why Give?

When you support girls' education, it benefits all of us!

Her: Globally, 129 million girls are not in school, according to UNICEF. Your support helps girls and women feel financially supported to continue their education. 


Her Community: Educating girls can alleviate bigger issues in her community such as poverty. UNICEF reports that a 1% increase in the girl education rate raises the national average gross domestic product (GDP) by 0.3%. 


Her World: When girls are educated, it benefits the whole world. The Brookings Institution calls secondary schooling for girls the most cost-effective and best investment against climate change. 


Here’s What Your Gift Makes Possible?


Gives girls access to printed at-home learning materials.


Funds us to develop new learning platforms for our curriculum.


Can extend our programming to a new local partner.

As a WINGS Member, You Will Enjoy:



Monthly updates about the impact of your gift.


Access to exclusive webinars and events with our partners on the ground.


Events and opportunities to interact and share experiences with other WINGS members.


Annual exclusive film viewing and film discussion with the filmmakers.

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