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1 in 3 girls completes secondary education in India (UNESCO). India ranks 135 out of 146 in the Global Gender Gap Index.

Girl Rising India

Despite the gains that India has made over the past 20 years, it remains a country with extreme gender inequality. This is a reflection of the gender-based discrimination that girls and women face throughout their lives. The evidence of it is pervasive and unsettling: relative to their male counterparts, girls in India endure disparities in secondary education and employment, are at a higher risk for violence, and experience a higher incidence of health problems.

Our programming is diverse, yet all focused on shifting the mindsets that have long prevented India’s girls from pursuing their dreams.

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Our partners integrate custom Girl Rising media and curricular tools into programs designed to unearth local solutions to the girls’ education crisis. Together, we encourage individuals of all ages to consider the benefits of quality, inclusive education and the role they play.

In 2017, we launched a 24-week gender sensitization curriculum designed to reach 45,000 students and 1,700 teachers. The curriculum empowers participants to address local norms, question stereotypes and drive change within school environment, families and in communities.


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Our Reach in 2023





Program Leader
Richa Hingorani
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