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Resources for Educators


Girl Rising makes educational resources available to educators around the world, spurring students to see beyond their borders, value their education, think critically, and  believe in their capacity to create change in their lives, their communities, and the world. 


Our adaptable and flexible resources, designed for students in upper elementary through high school, have been used to teach subjects ranging from English to social studies to math to art. Whether in the classroom or as part of an extracurricular program, educators can teach directly from the materials, strengthen an existing lesson plan with select resources, or create a stimulating new unit.

Meet some of the talented passionate educators using Girl Rising's resources in innovated ways

Anne Sharkey.jpg
Anne Sharkey
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"Girl Rising gives the students the visuals and the stories to connect to so many world issues."
–Anne Sharkey

Megan Saxelby.jpg
Megan Saxelby
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"The power of Girl Rising is that the stories allow for a deeper understanding of the human condition, increased empathy, and illustrate the role women inhabit in many parts of the world is something that should concern us all."
–Megan Saxelby

Ariste Metaxas
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“Our stories shape our identities. The strength of Girl Rising is in the way the girls bravely rise up and challenge us to value their stories. Value our own stories. To move past the limitations of our stories to the possibilities. To want to be the change we seek.”
- Ariste Metaxas

Ronald Nober
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“Girl Rising is going to fundamentally change my soul… and is now a part of me, my passion, and my lessons.”

- Ron Nober

View Ron Nober's Girl Rising lesson plan here

Lloyd Bochner and Lynne Finelli
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“My students were transported to another world with Girl Rising…they were gifted empathy and a worldview much different than their own.”
- Lloyd Bochner

Girl Rising resources include:



The original film’s video “chapters” and the short film, Brave Girl Rising


Full Curriculum:  Common core-aligned, includes teacher guides, issue and country fact sheets, and  innovative project-based lessons


Looking Inward - Issues of Educational Equity in the US: A resource for students and educators to reflect on access to education through reflection and discussion. 


Girl Rising on FlipGrid: Girl Rising offers  50+ dynamic standards-aligned lessons on Flipgrid on topics such as Poetry and Social Justice, Why Educating Girls Matters and the Impact of Family Support.   


Future Rising - Girls’ Education and Climate Change Girl Rising joined with Take Action Global to co-create a climate action lesson for classrooms. The lesson helps students understand the relationship between gender equity and educational opportunity as related to climate change. Access the workshop below. 


Young Adult book:

Expands on the film’s feature stories, includes additional stories, delves  deeper into the issues facing girls, and explores the solutions.



A GR Educator web portal and Facebook group, where educators can exchange  ideas and share experiences

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Girl Rising aims to promote empathy among young people, spark their natural curiosity about the world,  and inspire them to become global citizens and local change-makers.

“Girl Rising probably has had the greatest impact of anything I have ever taught because it teaches students about  global citizenship, education rights, gender inequality, and how students are agents of change in their own lives,  community and world.”

– Elise Regan, Sterling Middle School, Quincy MA

“I have seen my students think outside the box, make personal goals and strive to make a difference in their  community because of what they have learned from Girl Rising.”

– Kelly Cassidy, Pepin Academy, Tampa FL

“Being able to work with the project has been one of the most meaningful and purposeful experiences that I’ve  had as an educator and I believe in what each girl’s story embodies and stands for.  Their voices and narratives  need to be heard and I feel honored to be a part of making sure that this happens.” 

– Kellie Thompson, YES Prep, Houston TX 

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