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Our Education Programs

Through our Education Programs, Girl Rising builds voice, agency, and gender equitable attitudes in the millions of adolescents we reach around the world. With these skills adolescents are better able to advocate for themselves, to believe in their aspirations and their abilities to achieve them, and to break through harmful gender norms. 

Through our work we also engage with educators, parents and caregivers who play a critical role in determining education rights and education quality for young people. We work closely with educators to tailor the Girl Rising curriculum to the specific needs of their communities. The participation of parents and caregivers in the education of their children is a critical factor in education success. That’s why our program involves parents and caregivers, helping build their voice as advocates for their children’s education - especially their daughters - so they fully understand the long term value of education.


Our collaboration with more than 30 partners in eight countries makes our work possible. We work with innovative education organizations to integrate the Girl Rising curriculum into their approach to building access to and quality of education for girls. We support our partners with training, resources, networking, and in many cases with reliable financial support.

Global Education Programs

In collaboration with 40 partners we deliver programming that helps adolescents build voice, agency and gender-equitable attitudes.

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Girl Rising Global Education Fund

We invest in early stage organizations in Guatemala, India and Kenya to scale their solutions to girls' education and gender equity.

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US Educator Program

We build a community of educators using the free Girl Rising resources that help students explore and grow.

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