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Future Rising is a program to drive investment in girls’ education as a climate solution and to harness the power of educated girls to tackle impacts of climate change in communities all over the world.

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Climate change looks different for every community. Waters rise in one place and crops dry up in another; one village freezes while another burns. Responding to these hyperlocal challenges calls for local and specific solutions that can be unleashed on a global scale. 


That solution is hiding in plain sight: girls’ education.

Educating girls equips them to become the climate leaders we urgently need — building resilience at every level — in communities and across countries. 


Future Rising seeks to ensure the needs and perspectives of girls are included in climate action worldwide.

Future Rising Goals through 2025

The Future Rising program includes three key elements:

1.  The Future Rising Fellowship

2.  Storytelling and new media content developed by Fellows and Girl Rising

3.  New educational resources to integrate climate change and climate justice into the classroom

Our goals through 2025 include:

Activate a global community of 50+ rising leaders

Reach 10 million+ learners with climate-informed educational content

Distribute 50+ new pieces of media content

Provide financial support for approximately 20 grassroots initiatives led by current and alumni Fellows

A global campaign calling for G20 nations to put Girls’ Education on their climate action plans

How Is Girls’ Education a Climate Solution?

Quality Education For Girls is Life Saving

80% of those displaced by climate change are women. When a climate emergency happens, girls are 14 time more likely to fall ill, be injured or killed. Furthermore, climate emergency exacerbates harmful gender norms and gender based violence. Drought, floods and crop failure put girls at increased risk of child marriage, human trafficking and other forms of gender-based violence. Quality education and core skills like critical thinking act as a bulwark against these harmful gendered norms.

Quality Education For Girls Builds Community’s Resilience:

Around the world, women and girls are custodians of Indigenous wisdom and the stewards of land and agriculture systems. They are central to planting, harvesting, and preparing food, as well as gathering fuel and collecting water. Access to quality education helps girls build resilience in their communities enabling them to adapt to change in the environment and to build new sustainable practices or implement local solutions.

Access to Quality Education Makes Girls Into Women Leaders:

By investing in education for girls and women today, we create leaders the planet needs for tomorrow at the community, country and global levels. Research shows that countries with women leaders are more likely to pass ambitious climate policies.

Learn more about our Future Rising program

Future Rising Fellows

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Future Rising Stories

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Future Rising Educational Resources

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