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Global Education Programs

Girl Rising’s programs are based on powerful stories that build empathy and understanding.  We work in eight countries with more than 40 local organizations to deliver programs to adolescents, educators, parents and caregivers.


Through our programs, adolescents build voice, agency, and gender-equitable attitudes. They develop social-emotional, leadership and communication skills. Through storytelling and a range of activities, adolescents learn self-advocacy, understand their rights, and identify their allies. By participating in the Girl Rising program, young people think more expansively about their aspirations and make the connections between their education and their ability to pursue their dream..


Through our collaborations with local organizations and teachers, we customize our educational resources and curriculum to meet local needs. Our partnerships with teachers empower them to better support all their students, most especially young women, by creating more inclusive and equitable learning environments.


Girl Rising’s programs also connect with parents and caregivers to deepen their understanding of the importance of educating their children, and to empower them to support their daughters’ education goals.  

Where We Work

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