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Girl Rising, Together Women Rise Partner to Impact 2000+ Adolescents, Teachers & Parents in Pakistan

Girl Rising is thrilled to announce a new partnership with longstanding giving group Together Women Rise for our program Kaavish Working with Girl Rising’s local partner Husn Afroz Memorial Trust. The Kaavish program aims to empower girls and you

ng women in Pakistan by providing adolescents, educators, parents and community members holistic resources, training and skills that improve education quality, remove education barriers, and create new advocates for gender equity. Kaavish will work with young women, educators and caregivers in the Khairpur District, Sindh, Pakistan.

Together Women Rise is a powerful community of women and allies dedicated to global gender equality. Together Women Rise has hundreds of local chapters across the U.S. Members come together to learn about and advocate for gender equality issues, give grants to organizations that empower women and girls in low-income countries, and build community to forge meaningful connections that increase strength and collective impact. Through collective giving, Together Women Rise funds projects that contribute to our goal of helping women and girls in the developing world achieve their potential, gain equality in their countries and cultures, and overcome economic limitations and social bias.

With generous funding from Together Women Rise, Girl Rising is expanding on our work established in Pakistan over the last five years under the leadership of Global Head of Programs, Nidhi Shukla and Country Manager Nasreen Samad. The Kaavish project will impact a total of 2,050 individuals (1,800 adolescents, 100 teachers, and 150 parents) by investing in building voice and agency for adolescent girls and promoting a systematic engagement with boys and men to create a conducive environment for girls to thrive. This partnership is a significant milestone in Girl Rising's 5th year of work in Pakistan.

“We are honored to join a global roster of highly impactful non-profits dedicated to empowering girls and women in low-income countries who are funded by Together Women Rise,” said Girl Rising CEO and Founder Christina Lowery, “ In the wake of the pandemic and the worsening impacts of climate change — including the devastating floods last year — Together Women Rise is helping us make a lasting impact on individual lives, and also throughout the communities where girls go on to become leaders and problem solvers in their regions.”

Girl Rising's partnership with Together Women Rise is a step forward in our quest to build a world where girls everywhere can learn, rise, thrive, dream big, and achieve their dreams. To learn more about Together Women Rise, their approach to philanthropy and the non-profits they support, visit

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