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Girl Rising’s New Programming Mexico Begins

This month, Girl Rising will launch our new Financial Education program in partnership with Credit Suisse and in collaboration with local partners CIAM and Glasswing. The new curriculum, developed with Aflatoun, is our most comprehensive to date, and aims to build financial literacy along with life skills such as voice, agency, goal setting and gender-equitable and attitudes. As part of the program we will be engaging with parents, hosting workshops to create awareness of social and economic rights. This year our programming in Mexico will reach 7,000 adolescent girls and boys and 3,000 caregivers.

All of Girl Rising’s educational programming is centered on the power of storytelling, using the stories of real girls and their challenges and achievements, to build connections, understanding, and empathy. We are thrilled to introduce a new story as part of our Financial Education program in Mexico. A combination of animation and documentary, this short film focuses on Dania, 22, and her experiences with her mother’s business and with her entrepreneurial pursuits in Quintana Roo to introduce financial and economic concepts such as savings, budgeting, and expenses to young people. Meet Dania here.

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