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Allies Rise up for Girls' & Women' rights

Earlier this year, the United Nations warned that girls' and women's rights are at risk of being rolled back due to ongoing global crises. Girl Rising's community of male allies stepped up, urging everyone to take action to combat this threat. Explore their powerful voices below.

Nikhil Taneja

Award-winning media executive, co-founder of Yuvaa, and Girl Rising board member

Nicko Nogues

Director of De Machos a Hombres and UN Mexico Advisor

Hakeem Subair

Co-foundeer and CEO of 1 Million Teachers, Adjunct Professor and Entrepreneur

Kenny Prince

Girl Rising Development Coordinator

Lucas Tedone

Marketer and Girl Rising Advocate

Feeling inspired by the #DeMANdJustice campaign? Add your voice to the movement by sharing your story and advocating for girls’ rights globally. Learn more here.

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