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Why Girls’ Education

Girl Rising is working to create a world where all girls learn, rise, and thrive.  Education is a basic human right. Access to quality education lifts people out of poverty, levels inequities and builds a more sustainable world. But around the world 129 million girls are out of school and millions more have access only to subpar education due to gender-related barriers such as forced marriage, trafficking, the burden of domestic work, gender-based violence, and gender discrimination. Girl Rising is working to right this wrong.

Years of research prove that education is transformational, not only for girls who complete school, but also for their families, communities, and nations. The positive ripple effects are especially beneficial to lower-income countries. Educated girls grow into adults who have healthier, wealthier families. Their children are more likely to be educated themselves.  Educated girls grow into women who participate in civic life and take on leadership roles in their communities. Research also shows that educating girls is one of the world’s most potent ways to tackle climate change, which is why we launched Future Rising.

Girls learning in school

Educate a girl - change the world.

Educating girls has positive ripple effects on...




Climate Change Mitigation

Environmental Health

The young women who participate in Girl Rising’s programs are powerful demonstrations of the promise of girl’s education. Explore their stories.

Young leader in Pakistan

Hafsa Qadir

leads communities to safety in Pakistan after devastating floods.

Mercy Damonjo

Mercy Kamonjo

Future Rising Fellow, Kenya, empowers rural communities to better manage climate change impacts.

Betty Khakoni

Betty Khakoni

created and now leads a Peer Education Program focused on sexual and reproductive health.

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