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Empowering students to become climate leaders

Education Resources

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As climate change increasingly harms lives, homes, and livelihoods, there has never been a more important time to engage students with educational resources so that they are informed and responsible citizens who can contribute to a sustainable and just future.


Our Future Rising educational resources explore the many complex connections between climate change, girls’ education, and gender equity - and are primarily based on the work of our Future Rising Fellows, and their storytelling projects. 


As part of our goals for Future Rising we aim to reach 10 million students with climate-informed educational resources.

Check out some of our current resources

Girls’ Education and Climate Change Explainer Video

The Girl Rising Climate Change Booster Pack with Take Action Global

Watch our webinar on how to use the Girl Rising Films to learn about climate justice.

Explore a Learning Guide that accompanies Future Rising Fellow Ayo Solanke’s graphic novel, Heroes of Hope, which shows the connections between sustained drought and early/forced marriage.

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