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Sydney Tedone Memorial Fund

When Sydney first saw the Girl Rising film in 2014, it sparked her sense of justice and channeled her extraordinary empathy and compassion. She had seen that there were girls in this world that needed her help, and she was determined to do everything in her power to make a difference. Sydney’s strong connection to the mission of advancing gender equity and opportunity for all also gave her a new sense of confidence and of her own vision. 

Through her fund, Sydney’s passion lives on and provides secondary school age girls around the world the chance to go to school, complete their education, and define their own destiny.

Sydney Tedone 1.png

In 2023, The Sydney Tedone Memorial Fund will support Girl Rising’s partners in Guatemala, India and Kenya and the young people they serve --- to provide tools and supplies needed to connect girls with educators, mentors, educational materials, and basic needs so that they can continue to learn despite educational interruptions and challenges over the past three years.

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