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Get ready to lace up your sneakers for girls' education

Five years ago INSEAD’s Global Executive MBA 2019 student cohort launched Run4Change. They challenged INSEAD to run 20,000 km to raise €20,000 for Girl Rising, a goal that Run4Change exceeded!

How Run4Change’s 2019 Fundraising Has Helped Girl Rising. 
Run4Change raised over €20,000 in 2019, supporting Girl Rising’s efforts to:

  • Adapt our curriculum and programming with local partners in Kenya, Guatemala, India, and eight other countries so girls could continue to learn, develop confidence, and dream about their future.

  • Deliver emergency COVID-19 funds and supplies for basic needs to girls and families.

  • Create an interactive web-based learning module as part of our US Educator program for middle school students and high school students.

  • Continue to support the girls from the original Girl Rising film with funding for their education and that of their siblings, as well as provide them emergency COVID-19 relief funding.

Run4Change 1.png

Run4Change is gearing up for an exciting revival of their fundraising efforts for Girl Rising, marking the 5th anniversary of their inaugural run! Girl Rising partners with innovative community-based organizations to deliver our education programs. Through our stories, curriculum, and companion activities, we help build voice, agency, and confidence in young people and assist in the development of vital life skills. 

  • Your contribution will help change the way the world values girls and their education and assist Girl Rising’s education programming to reach 50,000 adolescents through in-depth in-person programs and 6,000,000 adolescents through the distribution of online content. 

  • Reach 800 educators through in-depth in-person programs and 300,000 educators through distribution of online content.

  • Reach 400 parents and caregivers with our educational programming and interventions specifically targeted for caregivers of adolescents.

  • Work alongside 24 local partners and 31 Future Rising Fellows.

Please access this link to register for the Charity Sports Evening on Wednesday, July 3rd, 18:30 - 21:00 CEST


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