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Demand Action Now

The climate crisis is no longer a distant threat – it's here, and it's more severe than ever!

Record-breaking wildfires, devastating floods, and unbearable heat waves are gripping our planet. The time for action is running out, and we can't afford to stay silent any longer.


As the world meets for the largest climate conference in the world, COP28, join us in reaching out to government leaders, corporations and individuals to take serious action on climate change now. 


Act Now!

The United Nations is hosting COP28 from November 28th to December 12th in Dubai. World leaders, scientists, and climate advocates from nearly 200 countries will come together to coordinate global climate action for the next year. All eyes will be on the climate at this time and is an important time to make your voice heard. 

We encourage you to download our letter and phone scripts to reach out to your local government leaders to urge them to prioritize climate action. Use our social media toolkit with custom-designed images and suggested text to bring life to your social media advocacy: 


What is COP28? 

The 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference, widely known as COP28, has been held annually since the first UN climate agreement in 1992. A total of 154 countries signed the original United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in June 1992, agreeing to combat harmful human impacts on the climate. This year 70,000 participants from approximately 200 countries are expected to participate in discussions surrounding climate initiatives and the future of sustainability. The participants will include heads of state, government officials, international industry leaders, private sector representatives, academics, experts, and youth representatives. Decisions made at this conference hold the potential to change the trajectory of our future.

An Open Letter to COP28 Leaders
from the 2023 Future Rising Fellows

“Our communities still experience gender injustice, the oppression of Indigenous peoples and pollution and resource exploitation of their lands, as well as the lack of representation of people of color in science and environmental protection. We urge you to draw attention to our voices - something we all deserve. Making COP28 inclusive is not an exception but a generality.”

Girls' Education is a Climate Solution

Educating girls brings numerous benefits when it comes to addressing the climate crisis. Girls’ education can foster girls’ climate leadership and pro-environmental decision-making and help them develop girls’ green skills for green jobs. Girl Rising is championing girls’ education as a climate solution through our Future Rising Fellowship program. 

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