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Girl Rising Amplifies Girls and Their Allies

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

At Girl Rising, we have always believed that stories are the key to changing the way the world views girls and women, and their right to education. This International Day of the Girl, the Girl Rising community is amplifying the stories of girls and their allies throughout the month of October.

From October 1 through 11, Girl Rising has been sharing a story each day focused on an individual fighting for girls’ rights as a part of our 11 Days of Stories campaign. Tomorrow, on International Day of the Girl, we invite you to join us in advocating for girls' right to education! Share your artwork, poetry, videos – whatever storytelling medium speaks to you. Use it to tell your personal story on why you advocate for girls’ right to education. Use the hashtag #11DaysofStories to join the Girl Rising community on this campaign.

The collective power of our stories can be the catalyst for action towards prioritizing girls and their rights. Here are stories of 11 individuals sparking change in their community:

Meet 13-year-old Changemaker, Nancy Sarfo, from Ghana

As a part of Girl Rising's Financial Education Initiative (FEI) in Ghana, she discovered the power of her voice and agency, and also became a fierce advocate for other girls like her younger sister.

When her sister was advised to give up her dream of becoming a flight attendant for 'more realistic' aspirations like becoming a seamstress, Nancy championed her sister's dreams as valid and worth pursuing. Nancy shared her FEI knowledge– educating her sister about gender biases, her rights, self-advocacy, and the ability to save for her dream career in the airline industry - whether as a pilot, engineer, or flight attendant. She’s learned that education and financial literacy provide options and control of her future. Together they successfully changed the mindsets of their family and gained support for their passions.

Through the FEI, Nancy has developed the financial literacy skills to manage her own funds for her career goal of becoming a judge. Nancy believes that as a judge, she can ensure justice in her community and advocate for many. Through her perseverance, self-confidence, and acquired skills, Nancy has the potential to make a transformative impact on her entire community. Watch her story in her own words here.

Meet 19-year-old Period Activist, Tracy, from Kenya

Meet Kenyan Conservationist Fighting for Equity

Meet Young Indian Poet Creating Awareness about Sexual Harassment

Meet Filmmaker Amplifying Stories of Girls and Women

Meet Kenyan Environmental Educator Advocating for Girls' Rights

Meet Indian Advocate Shining a Light on Homelessness

Meet Kenyan Wildlife Conservationist Championing Girls' Leadership

Meet Kenyan Wildlife Biologist Advocating for Maasai Girls' Rights

Meet a Sister and Brother Fighting Forced Marriages in Ethiopia

Student Ambassadors Speak Up on International Day of the Girl

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