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Future Rising Fellow Hilda Nakabuye Calls for Immediate Action To Solve Water Crisis

In a powerful address at the UN Water Conference, Future Rising Fellow Hilda Flavia Nakabuye, Uganda, called for urgent action to prioritize girls and women in the fight against the world’s water crises. Emphasizing the importance of gender equity, Nakabuye implored global leaders to prioritize solutions led by women and girls in order to address water scarcity and sanitation issues, and to ensure that girls and women always have a place at the negotiating table when addressing the world’s water crisis. Her speech followed a special parallel event at the UN Water conference, co-hosted by Girl Rising, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, and the Permanent Mission of Monaco to the UN. Throughout the month, Hilda and Future Rising Fellows Mercy Kamonjo from Kenya, Lauren Ritchie from The Bahamas, and Tia Kennedy from First Nations, Canada have participated in numerous high-profile international forums to raise awareness about the power of girls’ education as a critical solution to combat climate change and the related water crisis.

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