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Climate Change is Driving the Future’s Refugee Crisis

By Virginia Terry

The theme of this year's World Refugee Week is compassion, reminding us of how connected our world is and how events that may seem distant still impact us all. In the coming decades, we are expected to witness an unprecedented mass displacement of people, which will disproportionately affect women and girls. Climate migration is undeniably a gender issue, and it’s crucial to place girls and women at the center of our solutions.

Today there is a huge gender disparity in leadership. The 2022 COP27, where important climate decisions were made, is a glaring example. Out of the 100 heads of state present, only seven were women. Less than 34 percent of the negotiators were women, indicating a decrease in representation compared to 2018.

On this World Refugee Day 2023, we invite you to learn more about Girl Rising's work to promote girls' education, challenge gender norms, and support young women climate leaders who are driving change in their communities and beyond.

Together, we can highlight the urgency of addressing climate migration as a gender issue, and take the necessary action to prioritize the rights of girls and women so that they have an equal role in creating a more sustainable world.

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